Summer-time reads

Summer-time reads

by Annee de Mamiel |

Summer has officially started with the schools broken up now, and mums everywhere will be dreaming up lots of activities to keep their ankle-biters occupied.  There is nothing like a bit of boredom to kick-start a child’s imagination which can lead to wonderfully inventive games.  If that precious moment happens to you, and you find yourself with some minutes to yourself, then here is my promised book list for the summer, in case anything takes your fancy.


 The Rocks by Peter Nichols

This is a perfect summer read, transporting you to the Mediterranean isle of Mallorca, with sun, beach, wine and family shenanigans which twist and turn over the decades. From a Pulitzer prize-winning author, this offers characters you can identify with and that make you chuckle and gasp along the way.


The Neopolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante

Writing under a pseudomyn, this Italian novelist has an ever growing fan base gripped by her trilogy of books (My Brilliant Friend, The Story of a New Name and Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay). Set in Naples and starting in the 1950’s, this is the tale of two friends growing up in a poor neighbourhood and how they strive to make their mark in life.  Relying on each other for knowledge, education and love, their lives are intertwined despite drifting off in different directions, and finding that stark realisation that you can never shake off your past.  Ferrante has created such a masterpiece in each of these novels that they are hard to put down.  Rumour has it that the final book will be published this Autumn. I never want it to end!

 All I Know Now by Carrie Hope Fletcher

I’m not a YouTuber; I only pick up on the odd clip of panda bears behaving badly or dogs talking, something generally that someone else has forwarded onto me for a little amusement. Fletcher is a 20-something star of many things; actress, singer and vlogger, the latter being one of the many faces seen regularly on YouTube.  She dishes out advice on how to survive the teenage years.  Whether you are a parent or not, it is interesting to note how times have changed and makes you understand, even if we’re just beyond those years, how so much has changed in this 100mph life. 


My Paris Dream by Kate Betts

 A hilarious take on a super keen young American journalist making her mark on Paris as she tries to climb the journalistic ladder during the 80’s and 90’s.  This one time editor of Harpers Bazaar gives an intriguing insight into the world of fashion, French attitudes to Americans, in-fighting at Vogue and her love of Paris.  Laugh out loud, gutsy, entertaining and a great read.



Happy reading all.

Love Annee xx