Holiday Packing

Holiday Packing

by Annee de Mamiel |

I am hoping that most of you will be having some quality rest time and have managed to book a holiday, or perhaps you’ve been there and done that already.  Let’s hope none of you have been stuck in the Channel crossing traffic and mayhem.

I have yet to master how to pack for a holiday. I end up taking far too many clothes with me (a woman’s prerogative, right?) and my wash bag generally ends up adding up to two wash bags.  It’s a hard thing to master as I want to take all my beauty products, but I have finally narrowed it down to a few must-haves and thought that this short list might be some help if you are staring at your bathroom shelf right now wondering how to downsize.

Firstly, invest in some mini plastic bottles and jars. What is the point of taking pint-sized products with you for a week’s holiday, and by decanting, it hopefully avoids anyone stealing your precious beauty products. 

Unless you have real favourites, soap, bath products, shampoo and conditioner are all best bought at your holiday destination (they are heavy too) so, make more room for shoes, and leave them at home!


I do however, like to take my own favoured sunscreen brands, and no decanting here though as you know you need to keep applying it throughout the day. I prefer the ones with the natural, mineral bases like zinc and titanium oxide (rather than the slicker more attractive chemical-based cousins).  Look for UVA and UVB protection, and if you have kids try the sticks and maybe avoid the aerosols.  The latter are easier to use, I know, but each time you spray half hits the wall or wafts into the breeze, rather than onto your skin, and most of them contain alcohol which can cause skin irritation.

Bad hair days are part and parcel of holiday hair for me; beach, humidity and wasted time with the hairdryer still doesn’t give me sleek summer hair. So it is the perfect time to let hair air-dry and with a sweep of Percy & Reed’s No Oil Oil for either thick hair or fine hair, flyaway strands can be tamed.  If you do need to blow dry your hair, avoid doing it directly after your shower or near your bathroom as the humidity will only make your hair frizzy. Head to a dry room instead.






When it comes to adding some colour to your skin and choosing your makeup, be brave and streamline everything. Just choose a nice tinted moisturizer as you will soon have your natural summer glow and double up your lip tints for blusher.  Maybe treat yourself in the duty free to a wonderful compact with eyes, lips and cheeks all-in-one – after all, you are on holiday!

Try and go brushless when it comes to make up, and use cotton wool pads or Q-Tips instead. It’s amazing how much space those big brushes take up in your bag and they only pick up extra dirt travelling about.

Never leave home without tweezers! I find brows grow much faster with a diet of sunshine, cocktails and rest, and you never know when tweezers are needed for splinters, changing a plug (yes!) or repairing sunglasses.

Something I do always make space for in my case is a body scrub. Being on holiday is when I actually have the time to give my skin a mini spa treatment and a good exfoliation is great prep for the beach and keeping your tan longer lasting. I am addicted to an Aussie brand called Frank Body made with coffee, which is a great natural exfoliator to buff away dry, dead skin cells and encourage skin rejuvenation.  Coffee stimulates the blood-flow to skin which helps lessen the look of cellulite and stretch marks.  This is a real treat for me and you can order direct from their website on

One final item I must share with you is a little find I discovered on Amazon and something which I recommend that you use before leaving for your holidays, if you have time. There is nothing worse, is there, than putting on your summer sandals and having patches of hard heel skin ruin the effect, so Baby Foot Deep Exfoliation is something to give you those neat feet.  The product contains 17 different natural extracts including fruit acids to encourage exfoliation. The process requires an hour, so get yourself in front of the telly with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and relax.  You place your clean feet in the bags provided and then seal them up with tape.  Leave on for an hour while the exfoliating gel gets to work and then simply wash off.  You then need to wait 5-7 days while the natural exfoliation gets to work and then suddenly (not wishing to gross you out..but...) it will start peeling off over the next few days, leaving your feet baby soft.  I promise, your feet will love you for it!

Safe travels wherever you are heading off to and happy holidaying to all.  

Love from Annee xxx