Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

by Annee de Mamiel |

When we were finishing the formulations for the Sleep Series - gosh that feels like a hundred years ago – and piecing together copy that succinctly conveyed what it is and what it does, @demamielstableboy said, quite casually sleep is the greatest weapon in your skincare armoury’. Well, at the time he was blissfully unaware of how profound this statement was and how perfectly it laid the foundation for the products and how we spoke about them. Now he reminds us of this moment of brilliance at every opportunity, but that’s by the by. Sleep is indeed your greatest weapon, not only to fuel performance and wellbeing but to treat, repair and protect your skin.


Think for a minute about the barrage of stresses our skin faces daily. Throughout the day our skin is fighting to protect itself against the environment, weather, artificial light, heat…the evening is its time to recover. Recover, but not rest – night-time is the time for intense repair. At night, we naturally have an enhanced capacity for repair as cell regeneration is up to three times faster when we sleep. Cell renewal is prompted primarily by the release of hormones Melatonin and HGH. Melatonin is perhaps most famed for its role in making us sleepy, however it is also responsible for treating damage caused by pollution and UV rays. HGH, the growth hormone is the star performer in accelerating repair and has the greatest opportunity for optimal cell renewal during R.E.M. aka ‘deep sleep’. As well as being active in slumber, the skin is more permeable making it more receptive to the products we are using. The increase in blood flow and subsequent warmth allows for greater absorption.


Simply put, our skin does its best work when we are asleep. Understanding how our skin works and what it needs to recover from the day allows us to tailor our routine to bolster its performance and see results.


Legitimate reasons for an early night are always welcome in our house.


A x