de Mamiel Summer Book Club

de Mamiel Summer Book Club

by Annee de Mamiel |

We were sat having a team catch up the other day when we got slightly side tracked and started talking about book recommendations for the Summer holidays. As I started scribbling down all the authors and titles that were being talked about it occurred to me that you may well enjoy having them shared with you too. I absolutely love that it is such a diverse list of titles – there really is something for everyone here. Please do share your essential Summer reads with us too! A x



Annee: Renegades Write the Rules by Amy Jo Martin 

I loved this book about owning your own voice, speaking up and how to use social media. There are some incredible case studies and it is a fun way to learn! I also just love the title!! 


Michelle (Laboratory): The Sapphire Widow by Dinah Jefferies

Set in 1935 Ceylon, Louisa is the daughter  of an English gem trader who, with her husband Elliot, seems to have a perfect life. After her thrill seeker husband dies in an accident she discovers his secret life. The story is of her struggle to build a new life with all the trials that follow. Beautiful writing, romance and intrigue in an exotic location make this a perfect holiday read.


Chris (Stableboy): Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

The story of the beginning of Nike, in 1962, before launching a startup was near normal behaviour for twenty-somethings. Phil Knight launched what has become one of the worlds best known brands on $50 borrowed from his Dad


Sarah M (Purchasing): The Tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris

This is the amazing story of the Auschwitz-Birkenau tattooist and the woman he loved. I’m not going to lie, you will cry, but it is a story which is full of hope, made all the more poignant by the fact that large parts were based on interviews by the author with real-life Holocaust survivor and Auschwitz-Birkenau tattooist Ludwig (Lale) Sokolov.



Georgia (Logistics): The Life of PT Barnum by PT Barnum

Not only am I a fanatical musical fan, I just adore the Greatest Showman.I was fascinated by the imagination of PT Barnum, his visionary outlook and how he rose from nothing to create a spectacle. If you love musicals it is a wonderful read, although a little dark in areas 

Sarah B (Purchasing):  A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini

My surroundings, when reading this book, may have influenced my choice as I was sitting under a tree for shade in extreme heat, by a pool drinking Pina Coladas whilst on holiday in Egypt!  Set in Kabul it tells the story of two young girls growing up having completely contrasting lives and then how their lives gradually become intertwined over the years.  The book is both very sad but also uplifting. Rated **** by me! 


Gemma (Logistics): Coming Home by Rosamunde Pilcher

This family story takes you on an emotional rollercoaster and leaves you with goosebumps. It is about coming of age and coming to terms with love and sadness.  

Sarah D (Marketing): Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman

I loved this story of unintentionally funny Eleanor whose routine led and rather dull life is put into disarray by a work colleague, who tries to break down the barriers of this social outcast. It is ultimately a reminder that small acts of kindness can make a huge difference to everyone’s lives.


Jules (Training): Golden Hill by Francis Spufford

A real romp through New York history in the 18 th century with the Revolution round the corner, through the eyes of a Brit who had just landed in the States with a mystery story behind him.  Funny, super intelligent, unexpectedly good and written by someone who had written only


Alex (Marketing): Killer Intent by Tony Kent  

I love a book with short chapters that end with a cliffhanger on each one and this does that throughout. It’s a first novel from a British author who moonlights as a barrister by day.











































































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