Conscious Packaging

Conscious Packaging

by Annee de Mamiel |

A step in the right direction

At de Mamiel, nature is entwined with everything we do. The power of plants distilled into essences, oils, and botanical actives is what drives our passion to share these natural wonders that support and help us manage stress. So how we interact with the planet and respect Mother Nature is a core principle for us.

Since the beginning we’ve been meticulous about our supply chain, mindful and concious of our impact on the environment from our relationship with growers to sourcing our violet glass bottles. Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds and we’re continually looking at ways that we can manage and limit waste.


It’s taken a while but now with Conscious Packaging you are able to order your products without the outer packaging. We’ll also make certain that all packing material is recycled, recyclable and sent, as always, with love and care. Every time you choose Conscious Packaging, with One Tree Planted we’ll plant a tree in Brazil where over 90% of the forest has been lost. Trees absorb carbon from the atmosphere and increase organic nitrogen in the soil to help maintain balance in our precious ecosystem. You lose the packaging and a forest gains another tree, doing just a little bit to help the planet breathe; I think that’s a pact we can all get behind.

This is just the first step of many more, but we believe that little steps add up to something bigger and together, we can make strides. We’ll keep you updated on the journey every step of the way.

Simply select Conscious Packaging as your Shipping Method at checkout.

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