The rise of Clean Green Beauty on the red carpet

The rise of Clean Green Beauty on the red carpet

by Annee de Mamiel |

I am delighted to be working with the lovely Lou Dartford a very talented makeup artist with over 15 years experience and a keen interest in natural beauty products. I have been following Lou's journey in discovering more about green beauty and we jumped at the chance to hear what she had to say about red carpet beauty. A x

Google red carpet make-up and judging from the 93 million results that come up, it's a hot topic.

These days almost instantaneously as the famous guests walking down said carpet, the press will be reporting on who rocked it and who didn't quite hit the mark. A celebrity's whole attire will be judged, as will their hair and make-up. This level of scrutiny means that only the best products must be used.

Five years ago I wouldn't have felt that confident creating a whole red carpet make-up with just the greener products from my kit. Sure the products were getting better, but I'm not sure that I could have trusted them to perform for something as important as that, without me on hand for a quick touch up. Fast forward to now and the story is different. Perhaps I might still use the odd 'conventional' product such as a mascara or liquid liner - these two products have always been the hardest to swap out of my kit. But the rest is clean and green all the way.

Indeed many leading women are asking for greener beauty. Take Emma Watson and her acclaimed Press Tour; here she features the sustainable fashion she wears for the red carpet, along with her beauty looks created using products with the same ethos. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba and Miranda Kerr are also famed for their love of green beauty.

The fact that many of the top celebrity make-up artists are incorporating greener products into their kit, demonstrates how things have changed. Katey Denno is an advocate of green beauty and if you look at her Instagram, it's like a who's who of Hollywood. All looking amazing and red carpet ready without a doubt.

At a time when celebrities need to look their best, these cleaner beauty brands are nailing it. Their products are now just as at home on a red carpet, as any other beauty product. Gone are the days when we had to compromise or choose between performance and principles.

Going green has never been easier!'

Lou Dartford

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