Green calm below, blue quietness above

Green calm below, blue quietness above

by Annee de Mamiel |

It came as somewhat of a surprise to me that the final Skin Recovery Blend formulation is sea green in colour. The foundation of the formula, the very heart of what makes it so powerful, is a curation of five very blue oils. Fondly called ‘The Azules’ this collection of Blue Cypress, German Chamomile, Cape Camomile, Blue Tansy and Yarrow are power horses on their own but collectively offer unparalleled support to stressed and compromised skin.

Whilst the Azules are completely gorgeous to look at and I often catch myself whilst inhaling their herbaceous, sweet aroma and gazing at them transports me to another place that is so serene. This response whilst inherently calming, only partly contributes to their performance. As all five of these oils are rich in the constituent Azulene and play a vital part in soothing the most irritated of complexions.

Prized for its ability to calm, in clinical studies, Azulene has been shown to exhibit dramatic anti-inflammatory effect, shown significant antioxidant protection and healing anti-bacterial properties. It is the perfect antidote to a variety of irritating skin conditions.

Inflammation is triggered by the immune system kicking into gear to fight infection. Whilst on the one hand this is a welcome reaction, if it continues it can lead to skin tissue damage. Azulene is able to inhibit some of the actions of the immune system therefore reducing the inflammatory responses such as redness and swelling. In practical terms, those suffering with acne, ingredients containing Azulene offer a powerful botanical treatment for such inflamed and irritated skin. 


It's also been proven to aid cell regeneration and is a potent antioxidant, making it an invaluable tool in treating signs of damage, and bouts of dry, flaky patches, applying product rich in Azulene will work wonders.

Top of the list of skin needing help under stress is when it becomes sensitised, which is when azulenes come into their own. Azulenes are mighty make no mistake, but they go about their business gently making them a perfect tonic for those with sensitive skin. From the severely dry to the angry and red, Azulenes impart a level of healing that cannot be argued - the results speak for themselves.

I regularly use the oils on their own, but seeing this blend work its magic over and over again has given me a deep respect for this category of constituents. The final formula of the blend took an eternity with as many as ‘100 and something’ iterations, a few sleepless nights and pushed a few (a lot) of deadlines but it did allow me to uncover and explore so much more in the Azules and what they are capable of. Surely that makes it worth the wait?

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