Summer skin - make your products work harder

Summer skin - make your products work harder

by Annee de Mamiel |

Summer Skin

 Summer is a season where extreme environmental factors prevail: the sun, increased humidity, intense UV radiation, dryness caused by air conditioning; all can take a toll on our skin.   These will often result in an increase in oily skin, acne breakout, dark spots and freckles (sun damage) and dry/dehydrated skin.

 In order to remedy these we need to cleanse, oxygenate and moisturize with lighter formulas and, it goes without saying, to protect and shield against UV radiation.

Keeping everything balanced may just be a case of getting more from the products you are already using, rather than having to think about what else to buy, so in Summer why not try:

  • Increasing exfoliation – this is important 2-3 times a week– there can be more of a build up of surface debris in the summer as we tend to use thicker, heavier sunscreens.
  • Using a face mist more regularly – a mildly acidic toner/face mist will hydrate the skin and restore the skin’s acid mantle which in turn prevents transepidermal water loss and dryness.
  • Double cleanse each evening – once, to get the grime of the day off (the sunscreen, make up and pollution particles) and the second time, to massage and feed the skin.
  • Moisturise well, especially in the evening - Summer calls for lighter, non-clogging, fast penetrating, antioxidant-rich moisturizers that lock in moisture and repair overnight.

 As we all know, true beauty comes from within, so

  • Try to increase water intake – just sip away all day! Add cucumber, raspberries or lemon to your water for variety.
  • Eat your water – indulge in fresh fruits and vegetables, especially ones grown locally as they will have been on the vine for longer and the anti- oxidant and vitamin content, not to mention the flavour, is richer!