Get Brushing!

Get Brushing!

by Annee de Mamiel |

I am a big advocate of body brushing - it's something I do throughout the year but I do step up the routine in the Summer months when I know I'll have bare legs more often than not.  I wanted to share the benefits of body brushing with you and as I use Legology's Lymph-Lite Brush daily,  I could think of no one better than Kate Shapland, founder of Legology and all round expert on all things legs, to ask to share her specialist knowledge on what you should be doing and why.  Handing over to Kate....  A x

Body brushing is one of the simplest yet most rewarding favours you can do for your body – a 2-minute task which makes you feel great and has far-reaching benefits on your shape and health. Yet body brushing is often over-complicated and heaped with the wrong expectations – some of them entirely illogical. So let me set the record straight.

 First, using a natural bristle brush everyday will not eliminate cellulite – certainly not on its own anyway. So give those with ‘fat-breaking’ nodules within its bristles the, er, brush-off – they’re a pointless feature and no decent therapist would ever use a brush with plastic nodules. What brushing will do is increase the movement of lymph (your body’s natural waste filter) in your body, helping to reduce retained fluid and metabolise the toxins that slow you down. Ultimately, this can discourage cellulite because fluid retention contributes to it.

Above and beyond that though, by increasing your lymph and blood flow, body brushing gives you energy, and its inherent abrasion buffs skin and primes it for an application of oil or cream. It’s all good, and it gets better. If you allow yourself 2 minutes a day – before, during or after a shower/bath – to brush your skin, you will feel the benefits immediately.

How to use it? Again, a lot simpler than many would have us believe. It doesn’t matter whether you brush dry, damp or wet skin (yes, it’s fine to brush in the shower), as long as you do it the right way: upwards, towards your heart, from your feet to your knees, knees to thighs and over hips and buttocks. Do your arms the same way: from hands to elbows, and elbows to shoulders, flicking it quickly over your skin, not stroking it in long movements.

I often brush after a bath/shower, adding a few drops of detox oil to the bristles, (it contains Grapefruit which helps with fluid retention)  and then having a tall glass of water to further help flush my system.



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