My thoughts on sunscreen

My thoughts on sunscreen

by Annee de Mamiel |

If I can impart nothing else in my role as a holistic facialist, it would be to wear SPF. This isn’t new information but it makes it no less important – skin damage caused by the sun is the most common concern I see in clinic and once the damage is there, it’s irreversible. This isn’t just holiday, lounging by the pool with a book sunshine we are talking about. This is the sun that hides behind the clouds on a grey day and the sun that doesn’t feel altogether that warm – it’s impact is less so than when you are poised horizontally on the beach, but it’s still there.

Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar was designed to deliver sun protection whilst being breathable. Growing up in Australia, that sticky, almost suffocating feeling of applying thick sunscreen to my face is a well-established memory. The Nectar offers a barrier against UVA and B rays but in a viscosity that feels hydrating, not congesting.

UVB protection, which prevents us from burning is rated in SPF value, which in the Nectar's case is 30. A-rays that pass-through clouds and glass at almost the same strength all year round, penetrate deep into the dermis and cause premature aging of the skin, require a UVA shield that is determined by the product's ‘Critical Wavelength’. This is the wavelength at which the sunscreen allows 10% of the rays to penetrate. A sunscreen with a critical wavelength over 370nm provides excellent UVA protection, giving it ‘broad spectrum’ status – and that’s what you need. Still with me? It’s a little confusing, but adequate protection from both types of rays is vital to shield the skin from damage. 

Following the wonderful accolade from Tatler, who named the Nectar 'The Best SPF' in its 2018 Beauty Awards, came news that the product had been recommended by the Organic Authority as one of the Best Natural Sunscreens. With all natural ingredients, the SPF capability is achieved through the use of minerals Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, both of which offer long wavelength (UVA) protection. Mineral ingredients act as a physical filter, sitting on the top of the skin to block the harmful rays. The use of Avocado and Prickly Pear remove the somewhat chalky feel that Zinc can cause, leaving the skin feeling hydrated and plump.

As warmer weather is (intermittently) upon us and we are enjoying the longer days and time in the garden, a good SPF should be a mandatory part of your skincare routine. Whilst the Nectar is for use on the face, please don’t neglect your body - apply sunscreen to every part of you that will be exposed to the sun, not forgetting your lips and the back of your hands.

Wishing you a glorious Summer.

Annee x



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