botaniques face

Pure Potent Precise - Designed to support the Seasonal Oils, de Mamiel botaniques products use nature’s finest ingredients to treat, soothe, balance and renew you and your skin every day. The formulas are both artisanal and highly advanced, blending therapeutic essential oils with affirming flower essences, skin-perfecting probiotics and peptides and skin-brightening precious gem powders. This is skincare that doesn’t cut any cosmetic corners – every process is intensely thorough to ensure that what you put onto your skin is not only as pure as possible, but that the experience is always sensorially exquisite. You’ll see, smell, and feel the benefits of botaniques from first usage.

Each product in this collection of skin care essentials is hand blended, poured and blessed. They are full of potent and luxurious aromatic plant extracts which make cleansing and moisturising a daily soul affirming ritual.