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Shine Bright

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Love, laughter, happiness...life

"For me, the festive season is about feeling energised and bright, ready to catch up and enjoy spending time with friends and family that is filled with love, laughter and happiness. This was the inspiration behind my Shine Bright Set - I have included a selection of products which will leave your skin glowing and rested.”  

A curated edit of de Mamiel products for the holiday party season. Skin will be left glowing and rested with award winning Restorative Cleansing Balm and gem infused Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate. Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir, a lightweight yet deeply hydrating serum, will leave skin looking bright. de Mamiel’s Shine, one of the Awake Blends from the innovative Sleep Series, helps clear stagnant and groggy energy, leaving positivity and a feeling of brightness in its wake. The base oil combines a bespoke blend of herbs, milk thistle and jojoba to support the flow of energy around the body. Together with the essential oils, this potent blend transforms tiredness, lifts your spirits and helps you enjoy the day before you with a smile on your face - perfect to help you feel radiant in the busy holiday season.


This collection contains:

  • Restorative Cleansing Balm 15 ml 
  • Brightening Cleanse & Exfoliate 15g
  • Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir 5ml
  • Sleep Series Shine 10ml
  • Luxury Cleansing Cloth
  • de Mamiel Canvas bag