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Sleep Easy


A gift box including some of Annee's favourite tools to aid with getting a good nights rest.




When routine sleep is eluding, you emptying your thoughts to a journal can be a powerful tool to improve sleep quality. Having a space to write things down helps to clarify our thoughts and reduce stress levels, it just gives us place to capture them to allow our mind to empty and rest.



When you are tossing and turning, you wake up feeling unrested and don’t feel like you’ve been to sleep. When you wake up in the middle of the night and cannot go back to sleep or you wake up too early.



When you have a to do list is running through your head and have difficulty settling down and falling asleep.



When you are bone tired in the morning and need to access emergency reserves.


Size Info: 

Settle and Rise available in 10 ml e 0.34 fl. oz

Anchor available in 10g e 0.35 oz

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