• Limited Edition Spring Candle

Limited Edition Spring Candle

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One of my favourite ways to embrace the vitality of spring is with this uplifting candle that’s a blend of energising essential oils and natural waxes. The vibrant citrus notes add much-needed zing to any space and help me feel as though I’m really bringing the outdoors in. It’s a real celebration of brighter, lighter days and I hope you enjoy it just as much as me.

When I began thinking about how to bring the essence of spring to life in this new candle, I knew that I had to include plenty of citrus notes. I don’t know about you but there’s something about the uplifting freshness of those fruits that leaves me feeling clear-headed and totally energised; they are the olfactory equivalent of clearing out the cobwebs of winter and going for a long run in the sunshine!

With that in mind, I started by incorporating Grapefruit, Bergamot and Lemon Myrtle, wonderfully refreshing oils which are also as soothing as they are uplifting. To balance all that sharp zestiness, I’ve added in Rose Palmarosa, which is soft and delicately floral but also has an incredibly joyful effect on our mood. Chamomile, my saviour scent in all its herbaceous glory, is there to calm. I’ve added in Magnolia as well because, to me, it is the essence of spring; vital, heady and with a really beautiful and intoxicating richness.

To anchor all of that I’ve added Guaiac Wood which is an oil that I absolutely adore. It’s woody and slightly spicy and has a real invigorating quality when you smell it; it really is the perfect way to anchor this lively scent.

As with our Winter Candle, Razia, a very talented artisan potter has made all of the pots for the Spring Candle and I’m so pleased. These beautiful vessels are as much a work of art as the candles themselves and I really hope you’ll be able to reuse and enjoy them long after your candle has burned through.

Much like its winter counterpart, these Spring Candles will be very limited and are made with a 100% natural soy wax and not one but two cotton wicks. They also come with a set of matches already gift wrapped in case you ‘re buying for someone special.


300g Approximately 50 hours' burn time; do not burn for more than two or three hours at a time Natural soy and rapeseed wax and Egyptian cotton wick Handmade in the England