• My Summer Skin

My Summer Skin


Following on from the launch of the Summer Oil, I hope you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve created yet another of our brilliant Skin Kits, this time for skin during the summer months. Invariably at this time of year our skin can feel a little out of balance, whether it’s excess oil or increased dryness so I’ve put this kit together with the idea of restoring equilibrium and hopefully put you in a summery state of mind while I’m at it!

First up we have a travel size Cleansing Dew, a lightweight gel cleanser which is just as tough on removing makeup and dirt and grime as the Balm, but incredibly refreshing. I’ve also added the Hydrating Dewy Facial Mist, which is a product I’m very proud of. When I was formulating this, I was really adamant I wanted it to be more than just beautifully scented water, so it’s packed with all sorts of goodness including hyaluronic acid, extracts of hydrating comfrey and yarrow and plant-derived peptides to boost collagen.

Then there is of course, the Summer Oil and finally, a 30ml Body Serum, which I adore for transforming scaly summer skin into something altogether more hydrated, nourished and glowing.