The Lady - March 2010 The Lady - March 2010
The Lady - March 2010

Issue March 2010

“..Home House is one of those private members’ clubs where the staff make you feel about an inch tall. It’s full of size 6 women in six inch heels and men talking into two phones at once. But then I met Annee and the surroundings didn’t matter. She radiated warmth like, well, a radiator. She took my pulses, looked at my tongue and sighed. ‘Oh you poor blossom’, she said. I nearly burst into tears. It felt like she was the first person to notice me, really truly notice me – in years. She lay me down on her couch and bundled me up in a cashmere blanket.  The next 90 minutes passed in a delicious haze. Yes, there were needles but they didn’t hurt. There was also massage and other bits and bobs. She reckons facial acupuncture is a real alternative to Botox and, you know what, I believe her. My skin (yes, my skin) looked and felt fabulous.  Back on Exmoor they peered and joked at me. ‘You had needles in your face?’ I braced myself for the inevitable jeering. But no. ‘Come on then, give us her number.”